Outstanding Employee
Outstanding Employee

Awards & Honors 2017



Officer David Cullen and Officer Stephen Tarozzi 

For their heroic actions in which several residents were evacuated from an apartment building fire.


Commendations of Merit

Detective Raymond Blohm

For his outstanding investigative work in which a shooting incident was solved.


Officer William Gottsch

Officer Gottsch observed a vehicle which matched the description of one used in a robbery and subsequently arrested a suspect for that robbery.


Officer John Walsh

Officer Walsh identified a female wanted in connection with a group of robberies in Lower Merion and Haverford Township.  Based on this identification numerous cases were cleared.


Officer Francis Devine, Officer Robert Marvil, Officer John Millison, Officer James Fagan, Officer Frank Guille

For the apprehension of four suspects who had committed a strong armed robbery.


Officer Michael Murphy, Detective Thomas Thompson

For actions that led to the arrest of an actor who had been involved in multiple vehicle thefts.


Officer Francis Devine and Officer John Millison

Upon conducting a traffic stop, the officers located a firearm and a quantity of marijuana.


Officer Robert Marvil

For his efforts in recognizing a suspect vehicle and seizing a firearm that had the serial number filed off.


Officer Anthony Capodanno, Officer Travis Hall, Officer Robert Bennett and his K9 partner Quattro 

For the apprehension of a suspect in a gunpoint robbery in which the victim was pistol whipped.


Officer Michael DeHoratius, Detective Thomas Fitzpatrick, Detective Michael Pecko, Detective Matthew Rowles 

For their efforts into the apprehension of suspects who committed a total of six robberies.


Officer James Hoback, Officer Gerald Pucci, Officer Steven Russo and K9 partner Nick

A suspect on a motorcycle was fleeing from another jurisdiction, struck two pedestrians, then carjacked another victim.  These officers located the suspect and took him into custody.


Officer John Millison 

Apprehension of a male who was armed with a handgun and in possession of drugs.


Life Saving Award

Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer Brian Gieder, Officer Matthew Lynch, Officer William Redheffer, Officer Riocard Russel

After a pedestrian was struck and ran over by a vehicle, these officers communicated quickly, lifted the car, and removed the victim from underneath the car.


Unit Citations

Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer Kevin Donohue, Officer John Donohue, Officer Brian Gieder, Officer Stephen Tarozzi, Officer Steven Cortese, Officer David Cullen, Officer James Lutz, Officer Andrew Morris, Officer Thomas Gardner, Officer Robert Wheatley, Officer Eric Collela, Detective Michael Pecko

For their collective efforts in solving a pedestrian robbery which resulted in the arrest of multiple suspects who had been terrorizing our community.


Lieutenant Glenn Gamber, Officer Ryan Wiseley, Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer Michael Wilson, Officer Anthony Capodanno, Officer James Friel, Officer Samuel Sproull, Officer William Redheffer,  Officer James Kellar, Officer Charles Peterson, and Officer Frank Guille.

For their assistance and service to the community when a train crash occurred at the 69th Street Terminal. 


Lieutenant Glenn Gamber, Officer Kevin Donohue, Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer James Kellar, Officer Travis Hall, Officer Robert Bennett, Officer Michael Wilson, Officer James Friel

Upon being dispatched to the 7100 block of Guilford for an armed robbery, this collection of officers acted quickly in tracking down the suspects who were arrested for robbery.


Law Enforcement Award 

Detective David McDonald, Delaware County Criminal Investigations Division 

For the timely identification of a burglary suspect via fingerprint classification.


Citizen Award

Betty Ann Brown 

For her involvement by helping police apprehend two burglary suspects in her neighborhood.


James Maloney

For his observations and involvement which led to the arrest of a burglar.


Albert Pappalardo

For his observations which led to the arrest of a suspect breaking into his neighbor’s car.


Security Director Louis Gentile, Upper Darby School District 

For his assistance in obtaining facilities for Upper Darby Police training.


Michael McKenzie and James Strandberg

For their assistance in obtaining facilities for Upper Darby Police training.


Ted Sgro, Upper Darby Fire Company #37

For his assistance in obtaining facilities for Upper Darby Police training.


Ray Viscusi, Delaware County Community College

For his assistance in obtaining facilities for Upper Darby Police training.


Vince McFadden Sr., Garrettford Fire Department

For his assistance in obtaining facilities for Upper Darby Police training.


Administrative Award

Sergeant Anthony Vaughn

For introducing and facilitating the NOPE Program into the Upper Darby Township and School District.


Sergeant Glenn Monkman

As the administrator of the Upper Darby Police Training Division, Sergeant Monkman has overseen a myriad of educational and organizational responsibilities.


Lieutenant John Burke

For his body of work over the past year in which he performed a multitude of background investigations and citizen complaints.


Commendatory Letter

Officer James Hoback 

Officer Hoback located a stolen vehicle out of Upper Darby and the occupants of such were in possession of a large amount of narcotics.


Officer James Fiore 

During a traffic stop, Officer Fiore arrested a male for drug possession and illegal carry of a firearm.


Officer William Gottsch 

While performing a DUI vehicle stop, Officer Gottsch located drugs and a gun with an obliterated serial number.


Officer James Fiore and Officer William Gottsch 

During a DUI traffic stop a firearm was recovered from a hidden panel inside the vehicle.


Officer Montess Trapp and Gerald Pucci 

During a stop of a male on a bicycle, Officer Trapp was assaulted and the male fled.  Ultimately the male was apprehended and the officers located drugs.


Officer John Brennan 

For his assistance in the apprehension of fleeing suspects wanted for a retail theft from a neighboring jurisdiction.


Detective Michael Pecko, Detective Thomas Fitzpatrick, Officer Frank Guille

For their efforts in the arrest of a male for multiple stolen vehicles.


Sergeant Sean Kenny, Officer Kevin Finnegan, Officer John Millison, Officer Francis Devine, Officer Robert Marvil

For their work in the arrest of two individuals that had committed a robbery.


Officer Steven Ford, Officer Matthew Martino, Officer Williams Sides, Officer John Millison

For their collective efforts in apprehending a suspect who had broken into multiple vehicles.


Officer Eric Colella and Officer Michael Scott 

While investigating an illegally parked vehicle, these officers located a large bag of marijuana.