Outstanding Employee
Outstanding Employee

Awards & Honors 2016

Presentation of Retirement Plaques

Captain George Rhoades Jr

33 years of service

Lieutenant Thomas Sharp

25 years of service

2016 Marine Corps League Officer of the Year Award

Officer James Taylor



 Officer Stephen O’Connor and Officer Michael Taylor

 Facing an armed adversary, these officers overcame a perilous encounter by taking swift,

decisive action.



Officer Sean Kenny

Officer Kenny found himself in a deadly encounter as he had come face to face with an

armed adversary.



Officer James Taylor

For his selfless actions and rescue of a female who was badly injured while trapped inside a

burning residence.


Commendations of Merit

 Officer David Ostien

 For his work in the apprehension of a male who was wanted for a sexual assault.


Officer James Hoback

For the peaceful resolution of a potential suicide incident.


Officer Anthony Capodanno and Officer Samuel Ziviello

These officers performed a pedestrian stop on a disorderly male who was found to be in possession

of a firearm.


Officer William Gottsch

During a vehicle stop Officer Gottsch located a large amount of narcotics and a loaded firearm.


Officer Nicholas Lanzetta

While patrolling an area where burglaries had been committed, Officer Lanzetta apprehended a

group of males who had been involved in the incidents.


Officer Robert Marvil

While on patrol, Officer Marvil observed a running vehicle outside a closing business and apprehended a male who was in possession of a mask and handgun.


Officer Michael Begany

For his advance planning and walk through of a business that provided invaluable information

when the business was burglarized a month later.


Officer Randy Desrosiers and Officer Michael Murphy

After numerous carjackings in Upper Darby, Officers Desrosiers and Murphy were assigned to an unmarked car and apprehended males loitering in the area in possession of a rifle and mask.


Officer Jeffrey Thrash, Officer Ryan Wiseley, and Officer Matthew Lynch

After a violent struggle, these officers took an actor wanted for strong arm robbery into custody.


Officer Robert Bennett

For his actions that led to the arrest of a male wanted for armed robbery of a motor vehicle.


Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko and Criminal Investigator Matthew Rowles

These investigators apprehended a male that fit the description of a suspect from a previous

armed robbery.


Officer Matthew Rugh

For the apprehension of a suspect wanted for homicide.


Sergeant Louie Panagoplos, Sergeant Timothy Bernhardt, and Criminal Investigator Dustin Clark

For their outstanding work in the investigation of a homicide on the 7000 block of Atlantic.


Life Saving Award

Officer Joseph Mazzone

After responding to a shooting call, Officer Mazzone applied life saving efforts to a

seriously injured male.


Unit Citations

Lieutenant Glenn Gamber, Sergeant Michael Williams, Officer Samuel Sproull, Officer Ryan Wisely, Officer Michael Monaghan, Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer Brian Gieder, Criminal Investigator Dustin Clark, Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko, Criminal Investigator John Cunningham, Officer Robert Bennett, Officer John Donohue, Officer Craig Harlow, Officer Jeffrey Thrash, Officer Wayne Whitlock, Evidence Technician Scott Brookes

For their collective work in the apprehension of two males who were involved in a

homicide investigation.


Sergeant Scott Lewis, Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer James Friel, Officer Brian Gieder, Officer Matthew Lynch, Officer Michael Monaghan, Officer Riocard Russell, Officer Jeffrey Thrash, Officer Wayne Whitlock, Officer Ryan Wiseley

The comprehensive, timely actions of the officers resulted in the arrest of a homicide suspect

and security of the crime scene.


Officer Charles Peterson, Officer Robert Marvil, Officer James Lutz, Officer Frank Guille, Officer Michael Murphy, Officer Amanda Sheppard, Officer William Sides, Officer James Taylor, Officer Francis Devine, Criminal Investigator Matthew Rowles, Criminal Investigator Thomas Fitzpatrick, Criminal Investigator Francis George

For their work in the apprehension of a burglary team who had forced their way into a business.

Law Enforcement Award

 Officer Robert McCaughan, Clifton Heights Police Department

 For the apprehension of a male who had committed a robbery of a female who had won a large sum

of money at a casino.


Citizen Award

Mithun Thilagavathi and Sachin Malhotra

 For assisting police in rescuing a woman trapped inside a burning residence.


Mark Ervin

 For his professionalism and skillful work as a tow truck operator.


Matthew Verdi

For his contributions to the police department which can only be described as “invaluable”.


Lance Young


For coming to the assistance of a young, pregnant woman who had been attacked from behind.

 Christopher Lutz


Upon hearing a disturbance outside his residence, Mr. Lutz rendered first aid to a victim who been seriously injured.


 Andrew Schnepp

 Upon witnessing a strong arm robbery, Mr. Schnepp followed the suspect and called 911 leading

to an arrest.


Commendatory Letter

Officer Samuel Ziviello and Officer Michael Scott

 While investigating a disorderly group, a male fled and he was found to be in possession of a large amount of illegal drugs.


Officer Eric Colella

Upon investigating two males who were using drugs, one male fled and led Officer Colella on an extended foot pursuit after which he was assaulted by the subject.


Officer Shawn Webb

Officer Webb located an occupied stolen vehicle from a neighboring town.  The actor fled from

the scene and resisted arrest.


Officer Robert Bennett, Officer Michael Monaghan, Criminal Investigator Christopher Karr, Criminal Investigator Edward Silberstein, Criminal Investigator Michael Pecko

 For their collective work in apprehending and investigating a residential burglary on the

500 block of Midvale.


Officer Michael DeHoratius, Officer Kevin Donohue, Officer Brian Gieder,

Officer Michael Monaghan

 For their response to a man with a gun call and subsequent apprehension of two suspects.


Criminal Investigator Edward Silberstein

 For the identification and apprehension of a male who had inappropriately recorded a female victim.


Criminal Investigator Thomas Thompson

While investigating a large brawl outside a bar, Criminal Investigator Thompson uncovered a robbery and arrested two suspects for such.