Outstanding Employee
Outstanding Employee

Captain Louie PanagoplosCaptain Panagoplos, Commanding Officer of the Upper Darby Township Police Administration Division and SWAT Team, is a 29-year veteran of the department.  He joined the ranks in 1991, after honorable service as a United States Army Military Police Officer, assigned to Fort Mead’s Special Reaction Team.  His most notable military service included graduating from the Army’s respected Airborne School, deploying to Panama in 1988, and participating in the security operation of the 1988 Presidential Inauguration of President George H. Bush. 

Captain Panagoplos is a graduate of Upper Darby High School, the Philadelphia Police Academy, Delaware County Community College, where he earned an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice and Neumann University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Public Safety.

Captain Panagoplos’ tenure with the department has included assignments in the Uniformed Patrol Division, the Highway Patrol Unit, the Mountain Bicycle Unit, the Police Honor Guard, the Emergency Response Team, and the Detective Division.  As a Sergeant, he served as a supervisor in the Detective Division; and as a Lieutenant, Commanding Officer of the 4th Patrol Platoon. 

A three-time nominee for the United States Marine Corps’ Police Officer of the Year Award, Captain Panagoplos was the award’s 2015 recipient.  He has also been recognized with dozens of Commendation awards for acts committed above and beyond the normal course of his duties.

Lastly, Captain Panagoplos has an active role as the Parish Council Board President for the Historic Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Philadelphia.