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Outstanding Employee

Upper Darby Police Foundation

The UDPD Needs Resources to Fight Crime... YOU CAN HELP.

Every year, serious crime across the country goes unsolved because of budgetary constraints placed on police departments.  Costly laboratory services, expensive law enforcement equipment and mandatory training stretch already strained police department funds to the breaking point.  Technology is advancing so rapidly that local governments cannot properly fund police agencies.  As a result, innocent victims have a hard time finding the justice they deserve and offenders are left on the street to prey on others.

The Upper Darby Police Foundation was created to counter this trend.  With the support of generous individuals and community and corporate donations,  the foundation seeks to benefit the entire community as it provides our police department with much needed resources. 

Message from Mike Chitwood, Superintendent of Police

"Over the last  50 years, I have personally witnessed amazing advancements in law enforcement. The technology that exists today is worlds away from when I was a rookie patrolman.  Serious crime that would normally remain unsolved does not stand a chance when faced with modern methods of detection.  Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with this.   The Upper Darby Police Foundation is seeking help from the persons who would benefit from this technology.  Your assistance may one day help put a career criminal behind bars once and for all.  I urge you to support the foundation in any way you can."

How You Can Help

The Upper Darby Police Foundation seeks funding to offset the cost of expensive DNA testing, crime prevention materials, crime scene equipment, and training for the community’s police officers.  Your contribution to the foundation is tax-deductible and could save a life!

If you wish to make a donation,
make checks payable to:

Upper Darby Police Foundation

7236 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby PA 19082

Email the Foundation at: foundation@udpd.org